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 Useful Tips in Canton fair
(The following experience is from professionals in Canton Fair, which is extremely useful!)
1.       Please try not to choose on 16th, 17th, 18th, 25th, 26th of April to check in. And if it comes to the pinch, you can choose these any dates to check in except 17th and 25th. Because it???s the time the hotel room sales like hot cake. All rooms in most hotels are occupied completely at that time. So if you arrive latterly during canton fair, the hotel you have booked before may arrange you to other hotel to live, and then come back to the former hotel in two days when they have vacant room.
2.       The trait of hotel in Canton even all over China is that mattress is very hard, this may have a lot to do with the way of habit of Chinese people. Lots of our customers have feed this back to us. But now we have not yet found a satisfactory solution to this problem. And we have already fed this information back to the hotel.
3.       Please try to choose to check in at noon, it???s the time the hotel has the most vacant room, and you can request to have a look at room firstly, if you discover that the room is not the same as you have booked, you can contact at booking assistant at once, then check in at hotel.
4.       Generally speaking, you are going to hotel from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport of East train station. Never trust anyone you have met in the way, especially he says he have good hotel provide to you, in case to be deceived.
5.       Because the CNY increases in value dramatically which result in the sharp devaluation of US dollars in China. For this US dollar is not popular in China now. So here we suggest that you bring other kind of currency with you when come to China. Like Euro, Australian dollars and Japanese Yen, they are all commonly used in China.
6.       When do the reservation for your favorite hotel, kindly advise you to reserve the occupancy for 3 days if you are not sure how many days you would stay .This way it is quite convenient for you to extend your stay .Because compensation will be charged for the advance check-out during the Canton Fair.
7.       Obviously, taxi is a popular option for many foreign friends who come to Canton. Here we reminds you that do remember to ask the taxi driver for the invoice. This might help you a lot, firstly the driver dare not choose the farther way to take you to the destination or something. Secondly, it will make things easy, in case you lose something at the taxi carelessly.
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 Useful Tips in Canton fair
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